A Mouth-Watering Love Story… Final Day!


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These words on the sets of a film shoot are usually followed by the loudest cheer. Because it means that all the hard work, long hours and gruelling schedules to create something exciting and larger than life can finally come to a conclusion.

photo 4Things were no different at Pal’s Dhaba in Sector 28, Chandigarh last night. After 5 long days of waking early and sleeping very late, screaming fans and teeming paparazzi, bumpy roads and honking horns, milestones and marble stones, hot sunny mornings and musical starry nights, and some of the best imaginable meals that for most of us would take a lifetime to experience… the Food Yatra came to an end with a resounding ‘Hurrah!’, a lot of bonhomie and goodwill, and even a few misty eyes.

10612945_362142233934772_5540494882377803085_nEach one of the massive 60-member team who was on the Yatra had at least one favourite moment from the trip. While for Parineeti, it was definitely the moment she arrived back home to her parents’ place, a place where she grew up and was now proudly returning with her co-stars and workers, for Aditya it was that moment in Miranda House College when the girls were chanting ‘Aditya!’ ‘Aditya!’ reached a deafening crescendo and made him feel like the king of the world!

Things will be never be the same again. A road-trip of this magnitude can do that to you. But then this was no ordinary road-trip… this was a road-trip to sample some of India’s most delectable local and street foods. So our Bandra-boy RJ Glen of Fever 104 FM will never ever be the same again… unless if he decides to get back into some rigorous training and lose the happy foodie pounds he has put on! ;) photo 1

For those who just can’t have enough of the effervescent and pretty Parineeti and the intense and handsome Aditya, their ‘mouth-watering romantic film’ Daawat-E-Ishq releases day after. And for those who just can’t have enough of the Food Yatra, get right back here tomorrow for a story on how food is such an integral part of not just the film, but lends extr flavour to the music of the film… and how it is inseparable from any music – soulful or foot-tapping, melody or rap – created by the popular music director duo Sajid-Wajid!

Here are a few endearing and enduring pictures of the one of the biggest Food Yatras ever!

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A Mouth-Watering Love Story… Day #5


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Dilli’s dil is not easy to conquer!

The capital city will welcome you with open arms, but to be counted amongst one of their own, Delhi-ites need you to think big… big heart and a big, big appetite for partying and food!

Parineeti bites into a sweet Petha

The man and his Rajma-Chawal cannot be separated!

It’s selfie-time at North Campus, Delhi

So after the sea of students at Delhi University’s North Campus showered their love – and tiffin boxes! – it was time for Aditya and Parineeti to show their love for Delhi. The whole contingent of 19 cars made straight for Rajinder da Dhaba at Safdarjung Enclave, one of the best places to get kebabs and tikkas, and perhaps one of the best Afghani Tandoori Chicken. But what left both the stars wide-eyed and open-mouthed was the Dahi ke Kebab – simple little crisp pakoda-like nuggets with actual soft dahi in the centre! Several plates of that and Chicken Tikkas disappeared in quick succession as more and more fans gathered, one even lying down in front of Pari and Adi’s car and refusing to budge for a long time! Finally he was coaxed into leaving – maybe with some piping hot, moist and melty Murgh Malai Tikka straight from Rajinder’s seekh!

Rajinder da Dhaba and its many delights!

Last night’s dramatic and late wrap left everyone groggy and sleeping in a bit more this morning. But once up, the team started off towards Sonepat, Haryana, one of the oldest towns in the country which played a significant role in the epic tale of Mahabharata. Today it was the scene for some epic consumption of Parathas. The team stopped at the famous Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba that more than 50 years ago used to be the favoured pit-stop for road-weary, hungry and hearty truck-drivers of National Highway 1. The team devoured some hot, fluffy and crisp parathas, with ice-cream scoops of white butter ladled onto the top! And then followed some tall, tall glasses of Lassi, malai mar ke, an ode to the truck-drivers who still visit here!

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba on NH1 in Sonepat delivers on it’s buttery promises!

Ambala - Parineeti's home-town welcomes the Food Yatra! That done it was nostalgia time. Parineeti sat on the edge of the car window in anticipation, as the cavalcade wound its way to Ambala and headed straight to her home. There she was, running into a warm, giant family hug and feeling little and pig-tailed all over gain, with all the fussing and family attention. Plenty of singing, dancing, dhol and nagara greeted the team, and then followed the one thing that the bhukkad’s of Food Yatra had been craving all this time… the home-made, fresh, flavourful ‘Maa ka Khana’, that always has one special ingredient mixed right through it… Mom’s love! That’s why the Butter Chicken, Paneer Bhurji, Chaat, Boondi Raita and Moong Dal ka Halwa tasted so amazing!

After soaking up all the love from Pari’s home, the team departed from Ambala amidst misty eyes and plenty of food dabbas, heading towards Chandigarh to complete the last leg of the Food Yatra.

A cooling icecream break for Aditya on the food highway!

A cooling icecream break for Aditya on the food highway!

What will be the grand finale of this delicious journey? What lies in store for the romantic duo of Parineeti and Aditya at the hip and happening Chandigarh?

Find out tomorrow, right here as I bring you the last juicy morsels of this brilliant food journey.

Daawat-E-Ishq releases next Friday, 19th September.

A Mouth-Watering Love Story… Day #4!


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The city of Agra somehow breathes romance, doesn’t it?

That beautiful, white, graceful ode to love, the Taj Mahal, stands tall in this city, reminding you every moment about the eternity of love. So it did for Aditya Roy Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra as they arrived here in the evening on Day #3 of the Food Yatra, straight after spending a few solemn moments in prayer at Salim Chisti’s tomb in Fatehpur Sikri.

But first, an important little pit-stop… a taste of the legendary Agra ka Petha – the sweet, candied-gourd delicacy that is so very popular across the country, or actually all over the world! So the two stars jumped off at a roadside Petha store, and dug into a variety of flavours – Angoori, Kesari, Coconut and even the nut-crusted ones… yummm!

The famous Agre ka Petha – a necessary pit-stop!

By the time they arrived at their evening venue, they were pretty much on a sugar high! Just as well, because there they were, the hugely popular music director duo, Sajid and Wajid, along with their entire music band, AND the famous Qawwali singers, the Sabri Brothers. It was to be a LIVE Qawwali Night, set spectacularly against the dream-like backdrop of the Taj Mahal. The musical feast included a menu of not just the title track of the film Daawat-e-Ishq reproduced in its original Qawwali form, but also several other foot tapping songs, peppered with poetry and sher-o-shayari! Wah ustad!

A musical feast of Qawwalis with Sajid-Wajid and the Sabri brothers setting the evening on fire!

Breathing in the magical, romantic air of the city, Aditya decided to take Parineeti out on a date – an exclusive two-some dinner, with a few quiet moments spent by the poolside under the stars, with a specially designed menu (by the Taj Hotel chefs) of their favourite food items. Awww, sweet! That’s why we love you, Aditya :)

A romantic dinner under the stars in the city of love!

A romantic dinner under the stars in the city of love!

And this morning it was back to business… the business of travelling and eating, that is! So after a quick breakfast in Agra, the 19-car convoy set off on the Yamuna Expressway towards Delhi. And looking at the broad, smooth roads, feisty Parineeti wanted her turn at the wheel, to the consternation of everyone else! The plan was to reach Delhi University’s North Campus by afternoon, but… with Pari AND Aditya at the wheel, I guess they HAD to make it in record time!

Miranda House girls in the North campus of Delhi University… Aditya had the happiest smile here!

True to form the students at North Campus, many of whom will go on to lead the country and shape opinions in the future, welcomed them with the requisite love and jingoistic delight! Cheering, shouting, selfies and waves were everywhere they went… And the stars lapped it all up, encouraged, humbled and excited all at once with the kind of adulation they got!

Soon it will be off to a special Delhi-waala meal at… where do you think it will be? Jama Masjid? Pandara Road? India Gate? There are options galore in the capital city, but I’m not telling you where just yet! Keep guessing till tomorrow, when I come back with the finale of this Food Yatra… see ya!


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