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As a food aficionado in Mumbai, the excitement and challenge is in keeping track of the sheer number of new restaurants, cafes, restobars, nightclubs, pubs, lounges and bistros opening up in the city, given the sudden surge in the restaurant business. Just when you think you are on top of your game and have done it all, out pops another exciting new place to hang out at, another cracker of a dish to immerse yourself in, another cocktail to curl your fingers around and unwind to… This is why, going back to a place you have already visited needs not just good timing, but a very good reason too! And our repeat trip to Pa Pa Ya Colaba, nearly 2 months after its rocking launch party, had both… in plenty!

It was not only time to try out the plethora of reinvented, modern Asian dishes, designed by Chef Sahil Singh and his team, who have made Asian food look, taste and feel fashionable and fun. It was also time to reconnect with someone who, right from the time we first met at a food event, has been like a soul sister to me – the ever-bubbly, no-nonsense Punjaban Sonali Priy Kapoor 🙂

And oh boy, reconnect we did! Endless conversations on quirky date nights, crazy diet plans and laugh-riot anecdotes continued into the wee hours of the morning with plenty of singing and dancing thrown in for good measure. And the food? Here’s a closer look at the amazing dishes from the 16-page menu, that floated in from the kitchen with flourish…


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Pa Pa Ya’s claim of ‘high-energy dining’ is something that trickles through in many different ways, and is so much a part of the experience that you can’t really separate your own excitement from the energy around you. It is evident in the pops of colour, the loud electro pop music, the playful presentation of dishes in quirky bowls, tubs and platters, and the deft use of molecular gastronomy that heightens your experience, right from the signature amuse bouche of Watermelon Cubes in a Savoury Foam to the theatre of the giant fiery Chocolate Ball dessert. And yet, it does not muck around with a classic like the Slow Cooked Lamb Rendang, served with the flakiest Roti Prata from the streets of Singapore, which takes about 8 hours to get from the fire to your plate, but only a few seconds to make its way into your heart.

That’s what makes Pa Pa Ya a repeat offender… a place you would want to go back to for more! More of the fragrant pot-pourri of Asian dishes, and more of the comfort food you just can’t get enough of! And, of course, many more crazy nights like this one 😈