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The life of a food blogger/consultant is without doubt one of the most exciting 🙂

There’s hardly a day or night when I am NOT out attending the launch of a new restaurant, bar or cafe, witnessing the birth of a new kitchen tool or a fresh food product, tasting a seasonal or festival menu,  interviewing a promising new entrant or a reputed celebrity chef, following a cooking demo by a specialist, joining a discussion or debate on the vast topic of food and beverage, trying out exciting new-age cocktails by brilliant mixologists, learning new things about good wines, whiskies, olive oils, coffee regions, refined chocolates, aromatic teas, indigenous ingredients, sustainable farming and so deliciously on…

But a couple of weeks ago, a very special event took place that, before it happened, became one to be seen at, and after it was done, became one of those you show off (just a little bit!) as having been there done that 😉 It was Follow The Eaten Path’s very own, very exclusive and very talked about Chef’s Table.

On International Women’s Day, I felt a need, an urge to do something that lies somewhere smack-bang in the middle of two extremes – the necessary but way too short-lived spa pampering at one end, and the way too serious debates and sloganeering on feminism at the other! My idea was to celebrate the women who have done something significant in life, however big or small, women who have defined the very definition of success by carving out a niche for themselves, and have enjoyed the journey as much as reaching their destination, with an inimitable zest for life. And so was born a table of 12 Power Girls – a gifted singer/composer, a popular radio jockey, a vivacious show host, a bubbly model and stage actress, a talented film actress, a senior corporate communications director, a sought-after celebrity stylist, a cutting-edge diamond merchant, a well-known wine consultant, a high-energy international beverage head, a well-traveled photographer and culinary graduate. And moi! Not your regular dirty dozen, eh? 😉


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The table was to be powered by the delicious, classy, French brand of Triple Sec, Cointreau,  and when I took the concept to celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani, he was extremely excited about doing it. So much so that he not only conceptualised, created and perfected a 5-course meal (after several secret trials!), pairing each course with a Cointreau-based cocktail, but also decided to infuse Cointreau in each of the dishes in his signature, progressive style of cooking.

The resultant Chef’s Table at one of the city’s poshest and best-loved restaurants The Korner House, was one to remember for a very long time. The delectable Confit Duck, Mushroom Mille Feuille, food and the delicious cocktails were both a visual and sensual treat for us all. But apart from our common love for good food, it was also the uncommon levels of energy that created a bond between the ‘Power Girls’ who brought the house down with their singing, dancing, joking, laughing, and wholehearted celebration of the indomitable spirit of today’s successful woman… with dollops of gossip, of course! By the time the fun afternoon rolled into a groovy high-energy evening, they became BFFS, and yes, since I last checked, they still are!

Here are a few crazy, adorable Follow The Eaten Path moments from the Cointreau Power Girls Lunch that will linger on in memory, with many more moments in the making…