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Aloo Dum!


One of the most basic, popular and omni-present veg dishes of the country that can be paired with pretty much anything, is less messy to carry, a ‘tiffin’ favourite, a no-brainer main or side order, and has as many or maybe more variants than there are potatoes in the world! 😉
But what really is the PERFECT Aloo Dum? Here’s what I think it should be…

Baby Potatoes the size of large marbles cooked through so as not to be squishy but tender enough to give way gently on your tongue.

Gravy that is not a runny or thick sauce, but something pasty that’s enough to lovingly coat the potatoes, and then some more.

Taste that’s spicy (heat and a balanced spice mix), slightly sour and very slightly sweet.

Aroma that’s fresh and fragrant, enhanced by freshly chopped coriander, and lightly toasted ground cumin.

And visually, something that makes you reach out to it immediately without any preamble.

Sounds about right?

Celebrating vegies in my #FebVegging month (did you just roll your eyes???), I tried my hand at ‘perfecting’ the Aloo Dum today. This one ticked all the boxes above, but alas I got a bit adventurous and added a tad more green chillies than I can handle, and so here I am panting, crunching on sugar granules as I write this 😁😁
So what is YOUR favourite/perfect/best Aloo Dum?