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(Some musings on the whole Valentine’s Day frenzy that I should have and would have put up earlier, but  Mr. Viral Fever decided to show me some serious love instead, and was extremely insecure about not getting constant attention! 😷)

The day after Valentine’s Day feels like Boxing Day after Christmas. Spent! Never thought I’d be tired from all the festivities, the wishes, the celebrations, and yes, the overdose of pink, chocolates and pink chocolates! gsf-acd1001-val-2014-500

Nay-sayers will say it’s silly to celebrate love on just one day. Revellers will say at least express your love on ONE day. And I, squashed in-between the two and reluctant to give away my right to being pampered, feel you should celebrate love every day but reserve Valentine’s Day for something special. Now, if your protest is  why 14th Feb, why not 10th March or 17th September or any other day in the year, then go ahead, just pick a special date and make it your own ‘Love Day’. But aren’t you just increasing the pressure on yourself to remember yet another day… along with birthdays and anniversaries of each and every person who is in your life, or at least in your immediate circle? And what if you forget THAT date? With the V-Day build up starting at least 2 weeks before, you can’t help but remember it, and have enough time to plan something, however big or small. Think of it as a social service that the world is doing you, a free reminder service, and honestly, what do you get for free nowadays anyway?

I was browsing through my FB news feed today and the V-Day updates have so many happy faces basking in the ‘pink’ of love. And food! Yes, every update is about how the spouse, the kids or the parents have cooked up something special for their significant other. Imagine the amount of planning, effort and love that has gone into each and every one of those dishes. From Samudra‘s first-ever Chocolate Cake for his wife, to pre-teen Pixie‘s endearing breakfast for her Mom, from Chef Davide‘s delicate cream-stuffed Swans with fresh Strawberries to Chef Rahul Kulkarni‘s delightful New York style Strawberry Cheesecake at Serafina, and finally teddy-made breakfast with cute one-liners written on whole fruits (‘Orange you glad we are together’, ‘You are the Apple of my heart’), it was all about that extra effort to excite the taste buds and satisfy the palate of the loved one.

Cooking is definitely the weapon of choice when it comes to expressing love, and it’s really come of age. But expressing love through food is not a new phenomenon, definitely not for Indian mothers. Remember how your Mom baked your towering birthday cake from scratch, and cooked everything on the party menu for you and your entire bunch of wild, hungry friends? Or how she would always appear at the exact moment that you looked up from your study books, holding out a warm glass of Bournvita or Horlicks for you to gulp down? And how even today she will put up the most elaborate, never-ending spread of only your favourite dishes when you visit home?


My hand-made Gnocchi with Rosemary Butter and Roasted Beetroot Sauce, with Parmigiano shavings… Love served on a plate?

The amount of love that is added into all the food in all the dishes in all the world is something so beyond anyone’s imagination, and yet such an essential ingredient in every bite of food that we eat, whether coaxed on by our Moms, egged on by our eager, apron-clad partner waiting for our reaction to the first bite of his/her dish, or enticed by a chef’s stunningly-plated dish served with a flourish at a restaurant.

Since we are talking about Valentine’s Day, I’m allowed to be cheesy. So here’s my cheesy, Parmigiana couplet 😉

‘If you love someone dearly, then ask yourself this,

Do you really love that someone more than your favourite dish?’ 

Well, do you? 😉