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Food inspirations work in mysterious ways, don’t they?

Pomegranate Seeds – unique, beautiful, healthy… and inspiring!

A freshly-peeled box of bright red, jewel-like Pomegranate seeds sat temptingly in my fridge the other day. As I absentmindedly munched on a few of the sweet pods, thinking of what to make for dinner, a eureka moment happened, and a dish idea materialised out of the very pomegranate that I was gleefully popping!

The stunning strands of Mace, the lacy covering of the nutmeg seed.

So I got into my ‘little-bit-of-this-and-little-bit-of-that’ mode in the kitchen! The three Clever ladies – Clove, Cardamom, Cinnamon – got quickly dry roasted and roughly ground up with some mean, mafia-like Black Pepper pods in a mortar pestle. Delicate, brittle strands of the fragrant orange Mace got crushed up. Some chunky Chicken pieces got lovingly marinated in yoghurt, cumin and coriander. Some long-grained Basmati Rice got gently cooked to a just under. A large juicy Onion got tearfully sliced. A few sprigs of Fresh Coriander tips got smartly snipped. And a handful of Pine Nuts hopped out of the fridge and into the pan to roast lightly. And all through this, the pile of little red pomegranate pods kept diminishing… kitchen mystery? 😉

At the end of 15 mins of prep, I had everything I needed for this dish in my head… and a very red mouth! And at the end of another 20 minutes, the dish in my head lay ready in front me in all its fragrant and glorious beauty… An aromatic Moroccan Chicken Rice Pilaf, or as I would like to call it… Casablanca!

Moroccan Chicken Rice Pilaf - an inspired dish!

Moroccan Chicken Rice Pilaf, or Casablanca!

Don’t you just love it when a teeny-tiny food inspiration turns into a complete, inspired dish?