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Of late, many of the food items that I used to have in my childhood (often forced down my throat by my very persistent, well-meaning Mom!) are making a comeback into not just home kitchens but even gourmet kitchens of upscale restaurants, trending madly on social media and creating food fads across the world. So for the next few days, just to stir things up a bit, I am going to highlight one such trendy ingredient or dish here that I am rediscovering myself, and is a great talking point in food circles. Join in with your thoughts – good, bad or foodie! Let’s have some food fun!

The first in this series is Raw or Green Jackfruit, trending as the ‘Pulled Pork for Vegetarians’! Mom used to make (and still does when we beg her to!) a delicious dry-ish Raw Jackfruit Curry – chunky, dark-brown, fibrous pieces of the fruit in a rich aromatic curry that tastes so much like a Mutton Curry that you don’t really miss the non-veg element!

Today’s Raw Jackfruit is humble no more! It features in various kinds of cuisines like Mexican, Asian etc., in thousands of lip-smacking recipes, at plush restaurants and bars across the world as well as in kitchens of informed and innovative cooks. More and more people are rediscovering its health benefits and getting wider access to it, both in fresh as well as canned form for mess-free cooking.

As for me, I’m just happy to get back a slice of my childhood and am gleefully exploring new ways of using this curious fruit/vegie in my dishes. If you too are on the same trip, here’s a quick read with some interesting facts, and a mouth-watering recipe…

The Guardian – Green Jackfruit: is ‘pulled pork for vegetarians’ the next big food craze? 

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