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Maybe it’s the sudden Cherapunji-like weather, making us Mumbai-ites run for cover, and covers. Maybe it’s the sudden explosion of senses after a numbing ‘flu. But today’s market walk was out of the ordinary.

A leisurely stroll through the clutch of overflowing, rickety yet neatly laid-out  stalls selling just about any vegetable or fruit you can think of, that make up my Mecca, and my subsistence for food – Pali Market – was a sensorial experience more than any other day.

Glossy, bright, Yellow and Red peppers and big, brown Portobellos at Lalu’s, green n crunchy Spinach and Kale at Shiv’s,

multicoloured Soaked Pulses, and thin slivers of fresh Coconut Kernels at Old Kaka’s and the irresistible and heady scent of fresh Basil and zingy Oranges just hanging in the air, enveloping you… Aroma therapy at its best!

I even found a GIANT palm-sized Strawberry at Raj’s, my everyday fruit-wala, who slipped it into my shopping bag with a smile!

And that’s the other thing… Everyone seemed to be happy and smiling, as if just woken up from a dream of green meadows, and bubbling brooks and fresh baked bread…

Funny how tiny, everyday, mundane things in life can sometimes surprise you with their sudden meaning and infused romance… 😃