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I used to have this rule, maybe a pointless one, but hey, how many times has your Mom told you not to pick things off the floor and eat them, and how many times have you done just that when a little piece of chocolate slipped through your eager fingers and landed on the ground, huh? See what I mean?

So my rule was that never eat or drink anything that you can’t pronounce! (I’m sure at least ONE other person will agree with me??) This meant that I really had to work on ‘Foie Gras’ and ‘Mille Feuille’ before I could eat them, and eat them I did 😉

The Trimbach Vineyard and Estate in the beautiful valley of Ribeauville, Alsace, France

But this week was a struggle, leading to the breaking of the rule, and I am actually glad for it! I was at Mezzo Mezzo to taste a selection of exclusive white wines brought down by the good fellas at Fine Wines n More from Trimbach, a centuries-old, renowned vineyard in Alsace, France.

The bold and beautiful Gewurtztraminer by Trimbach.

After a pretty dry and subtle Riesling,  (I personally prefer a sweeter German Riesling) it was the turn of this tongue-twister of a name for a wine… ‘Gewurtztraminer’.


I just couldn’t pronounce it!

Even after trying several times, and despite help from Sayoni Bhaduri, fellow wine enthusiast from Indian Wine List… It sure made for a few good laughs around the table! And then the wine was poured into our glasses and everything else was forgotten. One sniff of that beautiful, bold, aromatic wine and I knew I couldn’t wait to get the pronunciation right and had to jump straight in. A quick swirl and a sip brought out the lovely notes of Lychee and a hint of spice, and there I was drinking one of the best wines I have ever tasted. Yes, it was THAT good!

So, I let the wine do its job, and after a few glasses of this, and another refreshing and lip-smacking white wine, the Pinot Gris, the name ‘Gewurtztraminer’ was flowing off my tongue with easy languor!

(If you are still struggling with the name, here’s a short video to help!)

As if to celebrate the breaking of this personal rule, a kind of impromptu celebration ensued, with Chef Davide bringing out his new edition of Tiramisu to everyone’s joy!

Tiramisu par excellence by Chef Davide!

Spectacularly plated portions of the gooey dessert, dusted cleverly with cocoa, arrived at the bar ahead of the evening service, as the setting sun over the Arabian Sea just outside set the interiors of Mezzo Mezzo ablaze! And even though the Chef’s earlier version was simply superb, this new avatar of the Tiramisu was the ultimate, made with the very best Mascarpone available, and a few secret ingredients that the smiling Chef always has up his rolled-up sleeves!

So now that we have conquered that one, what other names of food/drink can you think of that are tough cookies to crack?