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It was the last day of the 9-day annual affair of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, and finding parking anywhere close by was an impossibility! So after driving around the venue twice, we decided to park 2 kms away in a children’s horse-riding park!

A metal art installation hangs over a 10,000-strong crowd!

A few hundred people entered along with us, jostling, nudging their way in through the metal detectors to join another few thousand that were already milling around on Rampart Row. And there it was before us – rows and rows of stalls selling quirky and classy artistic pieces of paintings, statues, jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes, furniture, tableware, stationery and just about anything you can imagine using in your day-to-day life…

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Everything from cushions to soya beans, from hand-woven sarees to twisted-wire bicycles, from sequined hangers to beaded belts, from bright patchwork kurtis to light linen tunics, from wooden doorbells to paper sofas, from wrought-iron lamps to paper mache masks, even ‘your name on a rice grain’ to ‘your photograph etched on a wooden name plate’, was out there for you to grab and take home. What better way to appreciate the rural and city based artisans who have worked so hard to put their creativity on these unique products that, when up on your wall or adorning your shelf, speak of you and who you are? 🙂

In its 16th outing this year, the Kala Ghoda Arts festivals got a fresh shot of energy and a peppy new make-over from Hindustan Times. This time around, the festival looked and felt cleaner, grander and fuller, with a lot more performing arts acts of dance, theatre, music concerts as well as cinema and grand art installations that left one awe-struck!

A mountain of plastic bottles rises high up in the air… a breathtakingly colourful art installation with a green message!

A young couple enjoy a Valentine moment on a painted Auto Rickshaw as an art-in-motion installation!

Food too occupied pride of place here with scurrying chefs at busy stalls trying to keep up pace with hungry visitors gorging on street food from old-time food partner Chetana and special eats from Chao Ban, Irish House, Haagen Dazs,  Pizza Express and a few others.

The Kaala-Khatta Ice Gola being devoured!

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As always, the people visiting this ‘Mecca of Arts’ gave it its electric atmosphere… different kinds of people, from different parts of the city, the state, the country and even abroad, visited here to soak in a bit of art!

After all, don’t we all have a little artiste within us?