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Pack. Mob. Flock. Gaggle.

So many ways to describe a group of similar entities gathered together. But us foodies are invariably stuck with boring ones like ‘club’ or ‘gang’ or worse, ‘herd’wince!! So I thought why not pick an appropriate name instead of just ‘group’ – something interesting that gels well with the fun stuff that we do, instantly evokes an image of delicious goodness, and at the same time aptly describes the sharing of experiences and the mingling of minds when foodies get together. Introducing a new collective noun for us foodies… drum roll!

A fondue of foodies! 🙂

So a ‘fondue of foodies’ (see how neat it sounds?) met up last week at Out of the Blue in Khar to kick-start the Swiss Food Festival (on till the end of the month) and celebrate all things Swiss –

The traditional cowbell from SwitzerlandCollar scarves

from Cowbells and Collars, to Röstis and Raclettes. The place was prettily done up with hostesses dressed in red ‘milkmaid’ tunics welcoming us, porcelain cow figurines laughing at us from warmlyPorcelain cows and fondue pots at Out of the Blue Swiss Food Festival lit corners, ace accordionist Samy Reuben belting out European folk music, and fluttering flags peppering the familiar courtyard which has seen so many of our get-togethers, birthdays and anniversaries. After all, this has been the go-to place for sizzlers and fondues for more than a decade now, and who can resist either??

Chef Rodriguez shares a joke during the Fondue-Making Demo. Pic: FBAI

What followed was an evening full of pure, unadulterated joy… much like the delectable fondues blended with Kahlua, and Rum, and Blueberries, and Hazelnuts that were produced by the four teams. We pranced around our cooktops, grabbing this, sprinkling that, tempering and tasting, seasoning and wasting, and all the time mock-heckling the other teams with good-natured taunts and hoots…

The mind-boggling selection of ingredients for the Fondue Cook Off!

Rum-laced chocolate fondue with strawberries, brownies, wafer rolls and marshmallows stuffed with… Gulkand!!!

When the results were declared soon after, Team ‘Titlis’s nutty fondue was the winner followed by Team ‘Don’t Fondue and Drive’s rum-laced offering! But all thoughts of competition melted away as we got busy dipping fingers and elbows into each others’ pots of gooey Lindt and Callebaut chocolate fondues, before finally settling down to a noisy and fun dinner of 3-Cheese Fondues, Quiches, Röstis, Rabbit Steaks and Duck Sizzlers paired with plenty of wine.

Swiss Miss smiles!

Swiss Miss smiles!

When foodies like Ajit, Aditi, Shauvik, Megha, Devika, Magali, Benaaz, Shanti and Tara get together, the fun never stops, especially when the ring-leader is the affable Sameer Malkani. And then when you add a fondue to the mix, things can only get crazier! So it was that night… a fun do with fondue that got Teddy to don an apron and a chef’s hat!! Will wonders never Swiss??? 😉