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Targets. Deadlines. Meetings. More meetings.

That’s what a usual work day looks like for most of us. And the one thing that invariably gets ignored, overlooked and sacrificed is our poor ol’ friend… Our hungry stomachs!

We have set pretty impossible standards for our lunch at work, haven’t we? Amazingly tasty and piping hot, light on the stomach and healthy for the body, minimum mess and maximum hygiene, and something that appears like magic the moment our stomach starts growling in the middle of a quiet conference room!

No wonder then, that there is a separate breed of restaurants and eateries that have sprung up close to corporate hubs which cater to a giant working population who are not blessed with tiffin from home…or lack the culinary finesse to boil an egg! 😉

Shreejee’s, Jai Hind, Wraps n Rolls, Maroosh, Pronto and various other eateries, with a plethora of Indian and International hot and fresh dishes, rule the roost in these areas, ticking quite a few of the boxes mentioned above. And into this foray enters a new name – Asia On My Plate (AOMP) – that’s just starting to make some noise in the busy business district of Lower Parel, and now near Leelavati in Bandra, with about 20 more eateries planned within the year.

Crunchy, fresh and piquant Raw Papaya Salad

Crunchy, fresh and piquant Raw Papaya Salad

So how does AOMP measure up against others in the same space? Taste-wise, pretty good, with a mix of veg and non-veg Chinese, Malaysian and Thai dishes that keep your taste buds tingling with ginger, turmeric, and garlic flavours hits. The Raw Papaya Salad is nice, so is the Tom Yam soup and the Thai Curry, and the Kecap, the Oriental Burger, is definitely one to try. But the most delightful thing on the menu is the PopKorn Shrimps! Delicious little balls of batter-fried shrimp, these add crunch to your working lunch, pair up nicely with your cuppa during your coffee break, or liven up your evenings as you unwind with your TV soaps.

Delicious and addictive PopKorn Shrimp

They keep changing their menu options every few days to keep things interesting… and people interested! Good portions, light on the tummy, n light on your pocket too – an average meal for two is just about 500 bucks! And since it is packed in spill-proof trays, you pretty much get a hot, non-messy meal delivered to your table or doorstep, reasonably quickly… Can’t vouch for their delivery skills during the Mumbai monsoons though! 😉

One of the 6 hot meal combo options from the menu

Kecap, the Minced Chicken Oriental Burger

Kecap, the Minced Chicken Oriental Burger

Plate-Licker’s Wisdom: Try some Asia on your plate, and if you’re in the area, drop in at this small eatery – it’s cosy, n cutely done up, and you can feast on their delicious Black Spinach Sauce as much as you like!