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The word may have several connotations 😉 But here, I am referring to the big, bulky, cooking vessel that invariably gives out fantastic aromas from its depth, as it sputters and bubbles on the fire, and hones your hunger to the point of torture!

Home cooks, expert chefs, nurturing moms, loving grandmas, even burly, hairy cavemen have pored over this vessel, adding a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, and coming up with a beautiful dish that has had many a face light up in a smile… and many a tummy burp in satisfaction!

Yesterday’s Melting Pot soiree at Oberoi Trident was one such tasty pot full of good things like :

  • More than 20 countries represented by their Consulates, vividly different in their culture, traditions, languages and costumes, offering a unique taste of their land through deliciously prepared food,

  • Thousands of people from cities around the world and India, and from every nook and corner of Mumbai, having a jolly good timeThe vibrant painting that will soon be finished and given up for auction
  • An attitude of Generous Giving where guests contributed to the charities Habitat for Humanity, Apnalaya, and Mumbai Mobile Crèches through Rotary Club of Bombay with donations, raffle tickets, silent auctions, and a bid for a live painting created at the venue.
  • A pure Celebration of the Palate with flavour and aroma bursts mingling with the bonhomie in the air.

All these ingredients made for a mean dish where all cultural and culinary differences just melted away in one night. Don’t worry if you missed it! Here’s a virtual tour, through a foodie’s lens… Go feast your eyes!

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