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Clusters of swaying coconut trees whizzed by. Little patches of the blue sea tantalizingly peeped through palm fronds, winking at us. Silver-white beaches beckoned with their powder-soft sand, and not ONE footprint on their smooth, virgin surfaces. ‘Tis paradise, this!
But hunger bells start dinging, so it’s time to grab some local Creole Cuisine. So off we go on a drive with our chauffeur Jeris who triples up as a Police Sergeant maintaining law and order on a 900 cc Yamaha bike, AND a grocery shopkeeper in his spare time… and is still one of the happiest, chilled-out dudes on earth!


Jeris takes us to Boathouse Bar, a popular shack-style haunt for travellers with its rough-hewn wooden tables, carved log pillars and cane basket lanterns giving it a laidback air that just coaxes you into taking off your flip flops and putting your feet up.



We dig into a starter of Mixed Seafood Salad with Baby Octopus, Scallops, Prawns and Squid that taste of the sea, with a light Creole salsa on the side, and a main of light Tuna Fish Kari with rice and a sweet Pumpkin Mash.

Cook Moisette and Rasta-owner Danny are happy to share their recipe secrets as we chat about similarities and differences between Indian and Creole cuisines, and they promise to make a special Fruit Bat Curry on our next visit! In case you just did a double-take, yes, I mean BATS, those black creatures of the night, that are a delicacy here, made into various types of curries, tasting a little bit like chicken but with millions of bones that need to be picked patiently!