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Someone funny once said ‘If you come to a fork in the road, take it!’ And guess what, I did! 😉

When I started Follow The Eaten Path and the quest for food stories, diligently following the trail of tasty crumbs from home kitchens to roadside eateries, cafes to cooking schools, organic farms to plush restaurants, sleepy small towns to restless large cities, accomplished cooks to celebrity chefs, the only thing that I had packed in my lucky Tommy backpack was my love for food… not just any love, more like a raging, all-consuming love that pretty much runs like a parallel nervous system! That, and a thirst to learn more – lots more! – about foods, peoples and places, and the fascinating connections between them that often leave you spellbound.

Today, a year later, the quest is well on its way. And I have come to know each one of you fellow foodies who have joined me on the Eaten Path, simply because you ARE on the Eaten Path 🙂

So here’s a little private party just for us! Reason? To celebrate a wonderful year of following The Eaten Path, AND to mark the first big milestone, the Golden 50th post on this blog! Cheers to all of us, and here’s looking forward to all the years ahead, stuffed with lots of good food and telling tales!

Featured here is a celebratory cake – a rich and moist Chocolate Truffle, covered in a gorgeously thick, velvety Gold Fondant, made especially for this occasion by the good guys at Deliciae Cakes, and a complete surprise sprung by none other than the huggable and irrepressible Teddy!