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This is a short and sweet one… just for the love of chocolate!

So you’re dreaming of a house made of Mars bars and Dark Hazelnut blocks, the roofs dripping at the corners with blobs of melted Godiva chocolate, the pretty little windows and doors made with rich Tim Tam chocolate biscuits,

the walls and ceilings studded with colourful buttons of M&M’s, a thick Toblerone crossbeam overhead, holding it all together, crunchy Snickers for furniture, a brown picket fence made of Kit Kat, and Lindor truffles growing wild in the garden amongst shell-shaped Guylian rocks… Ummm, bliss!… And in rolls a car made of Royce’!

What? Rewind… Did I just say Rolls Royce? Nope, I did say made of Royce’! Yes, the luxury Japanese brand of chocolates has just opened it’s chocolate-dusted doors in Mumbai, and plans to spread its ‘dark magic’ in other cities of India, soon, very soon!

It’s not sinful to not know about Royce’ Chocolates. After all, they are made by people who according to us eat, drink and sleep Sushi, and delight in scaring us out of our skins with their eerie horror movies. What would the Japanese know about chocolates, you may ask, innocently enough?

Lots, actually, if you go by what’s on offer 😉 Their creamy, rich, dark and smooth chocolates are made from some of the best and rarest cocoa beans of the world, combined with thick cream from milk farms carried still-warm to their factories in Hokkaido! The heady taste of ‘Nama’ smothers your senses with all things chocolate, the crinkled little chip Wafers Dipped in Chocolate are super fun, and the 3mm thin ‘leaf’ chocolates, Prafeuille, oozing berries from their centre, are just naughty! There’s lots more options like Nut Bars for nutty nutters like me, and Green Tea and Wasabi flavours for those who like an edge to their indulgence. It’s the care with which they select their premium ingredients, and the thoughtfulness they put into their packaging (every delicious box of goodies you carry away comes wrapped in a thick jacket, with a cooling gel pouch and a tiny pick!) that probably gives away a little bit of the Japanese obsession with precision. But if the outcome is this great, I say, bring it onnn!

So… if you didn’t know about Royce’, it’s not a sin! Just go do the sinful at this little store at Palladium. See you on the other side of your chocolate reverie 🙂