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  Moscow is bitterly cold… Moscow is endearingly warm… Moscow is an enigma… Moscow is a revelation…

The fairytale spires of St. Basil CathedralThis is the article on Moscow and it’s culinary gems, out now as a double spread in HT Brunch. It’s got all the exciting twists and turns of a spy thriller 🙂 Keep these notes handy, and book that flight to Moscow now… you will love what this little-explored but fascinating Russian capital has to offer up on its overflowing platter!

“It’s not just the opulence of the Tsars in imperial Russia or the awe-inspiring space shuttles of ‘Space Race’ that are etched in our collective memories. Moscow has sometimes intrigued, sometimes baffled and sometimes even scared the living daylights out of us with its cold war KGB spy stories, the legends of Rasputin, the colourful, fairytale spires of St. Basil’s Cathedral and, more recently, the spectacular crumbling of the Kremlin behind a rapidly retreating Tom Cruise in ‘Mission Impossible 4’. And while this love affair between Moscow and the world at large blossoms, the one thing that is getting deservedly disproportionate attention is Moscow’s best-kept secret – its fascinating but surprisingly little-explored food scene!

Let’s be honest: our first thought – maybe even our second and third! – when it comes to anything remotely Russian, is Vodka! And why not? This ancient drink, distilled variously from rye, wheat, potatoes and even corn, literally translates from ‘voda’ in Russian to ‘water’ and is consumed with as much (dis)interest! But unlike the clarity and simplicity of the Vodka, which is the world’s (and James Bond’s!) favourite cocktail base, Moscow is a smorgasbord of various flavours, textures and tastes and draws from not just its traditional Russian recipes handed down through generations of hard-working matriarchs, but also from Soviet-era states, and border-buddies on the European and Asian sides. So let’s get down to business and take off on a Moscow food trail, peppered with adventure, thrills… and a few spills!

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