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What gets you out of bed??

For me, as a kid, it would be Mum armed with something from the ‘wake-up-the-kids’ toolkit (wonder why it’s not available in supermarkets, would sell at least as much as Fruit Loops!) She had a feather duster (that could be used to gently tickle or impatiently prod, depending on her mood), a heavy brass bell that sounded very dull, hollow and serious, and a small, black and lethal old alarm clock… This last had some lovely classical tunes stored in it to wake you up, but the tunes had become distorted with age, and what it played out were extremely annoying and warbled renditions of Fur Elise and Four Seasons, which worked wonderfully towards getting us heavy sleepers hurrying off our beds!

Things are a little more prosaic now… Now what makes me jump out of my bed in alarm, completely unassisted, is the sound of my no-nonsense doorbell, and thereafter I stumble headlong into a brand new day.

But, today was different. Today, I woke up late, really late, struggling as I am with quite an uncommon common cold and fever 😦 So instead of the sharp doorbell, what got me out of bed today was a lovely foodie thought – the wish to have something nice for breakfast…. Er, brunch!!! Looking at my energy reserves, I decided to keep it simple… an Olive Frittata with Pan-roasted, Whole Portobello Mushrooms and some Garlic Toast, and a very hot cup of hand-blended coffee. Elaborate? No! It took me just an unhurried 15 minutes to put all this together, and about 5 to gobble it all down! Here’s the super-quick recipe!

Fluffy Olive Frittata – 5 mins

Whip up two whole eggs with 1 tsp cream, a pinch of chilli flakes, a dash of dried oregano, and sea salt and pepper to taste. In a non-stick pan, add ½ tsp butter, let it melt on flame, then coat all around. Turn down the flame, pour the egg mixture in and spread evenly. Quickly start beating the top layer lightly with a fork, until the egg becomes fluffy and sets. Now add a teaspoon of grated smoked cheddar on top and decorate with pitted black olive slices. Your fluffy frittata is ready – just slide it off the pan onto your plate!

Pan-Roasted Whole Portobello Mushrooms – 8 mins

Wash the mushrooms well, dab dry with a tissue, make little incisions with a knife point on the cap side. Place cap down in a hot frying pan with a few drops of olive oil. Add little bits of butter on each stalk, drizzle over some olive oil on top, and sprinkle some sea salt, then cover with a lid. Let it sizzle for 3-4 mins on low flame, then turn the caps and cook covered for a minute or two on either side. That’s it – they are smoky, juicy and SO ready to eat!

For the French Garlic Toast, I picked up a box of these scrumptious little things from Nature’s Basket from their everyday baked goods section… costs less than a multigrain loaf!

Plate-Licker’s Wisdom: Someday this super-quick n healthy breakfast will inspire you to tumble out of bed and jumpstart your day with happiness! Cheers to that day 🙂