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We live in a big, tall and wide world with millions of things to see, taste, smell, eat and experience… They are just waiting for us to find them… and then we do!

Sometimes we discover them by accident… like when we stumbled upon a small eatery called Bar Stazione in Parma, just off the highway to Rome which used to be a busy little train station, and is now proudly serving up simple and true Parmesan delights… like ‘fried cakes’, and platefuls of the most delectable thinly sliced roast beef. A picture-postcard setting, quaint and adorable, with silent train tracks that now lead nowhere…






Sometimes we discover them by sheer grit and determination… like clambering up on all fours along the face of a hill, the icy-cold wind whipping your face relentlessly, and the famous Bay fog swathing you in white cotton sheets, as you doggedly climb to the summit of Twin Peaks in San Francisco… to be rewarded by the most spectacular view of the city, floating like a beautiful mermaid below.


But ironically, the people with the power to make your footloose dreams come true are completely removed from the romance of travel. Yes, the passport office guys may well be holding the key to your life, without quite knowing it! So when I finally got my renewed passport, that little blue book that holds the promise of so many adventures, I needed to celebrate the joyous occasion (and also try and forget the painful follow-ups and the agonising misses of the last 3 months spent in house-arrest!). Mumbai’s very own frills-free and authentic Goan food eatery, Martin’s at Colaba, was the perfect place for this. A plateful of Pork Vindaloo with Pao, a Thums Up on the side, polished off with an apricot custard, hit the spot nicely!

Plate-Licker’s Wisdom : Nothing like a humble plate of fatty meat to make you forget your worldly worries 🙂