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Many of you guys are still reeling under summer temperatures. Here, summer is drawing to a close and you can almost smell the rains… But try telling that to Teddy! It’s hot and humid and yucky, he grumbles, as he steps out of a shower sweaty, heads straight to the freezer, and starts noisily sucking on ice cubes! Can’t a guy complain?, he asks belligerently. So complain he does, and when that doesn’t help, sucks some more ice cubes. Not good, I think to myself – for his health, or for the peace of the weekend ahead. So I gulp down any protests and instead decide to make some gulpers really quickly to keep the heat (and the hotheadedness!) down. Here’s the drink I made – cool it does (phew!), and you will enjoy it whether its sunny outside, or cloudy with a chance of rain inside! I call it Sublime Cooler!

What you need (to make 4 glasses): 2 regular tea bags, ½ cup boiling water, ¼ cup vodka, 2 cups of sweet lemonade, 4 sweet orange slices, ½ an orange to squeeze, a handful of mint leaves and lots of ice cubes.

Put the 2 tea bags in a cup, add the water and soak for a few minutes, then throw away the tea bags. Muddle the mint leaves in a large mixing bowl, add the lemonade, the tea water and the vodka and stir through. In 4 tall glasses, add as much ice as you like and one slice of orange each and pour the tea lemonade mixture. Add a light squeeze of orange juice and serve.

Works just as well without alcohol and the best part is you can make this and store in the refrigerator for a day, even two.

Foodnote: Teddy, 3rd drink in hand, was last spotted looking up flight fares to London and Switzerland while humming ‘Let it Snow’…