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My favourite meal of the day is easily the breakfast. And to all you jealous office-goers who just scoffed at my stateImagement, eat this –                You know you always wished you had woken up with enough time to linger and dawdle over a cuppa or a lazy breakfast, but life and reality always got in the way, right? So here I was on Sunday morning, holding my hard-working Teddy’s hands and ambling into a sunny and cheerful Indigo Deli that has finally decided to open its pearly gates in Bandra.

Here’s a place that welcomes you like a warm mummy-hug after school, with its pod seating and cheerful glow. At first look, the all-day-breakfast options may not look too expansive, but don’t be fooled – there are some unmissable gems tucked away here!  Apart from the usual suspects of Bircher Muesli, Baked Basket (and dare I say Eggs Benedict!), the light and fluffy Coucous Upma liberally sprinkled with roast almond and pomegranate pods will bring a happy smile to your face, which will change to a happy grin with the Eggs Divinity, a yummy layered concoction of scrambled eggs, spinach and cheese served in a heart-warming casserole pot, ready to dig into.

But what promises to wipe the last remnants of sleep off your eyes and make you dive into a crisp, cool blue sea is the signature ‘Eggs on the Beach’ – egg benedicts served on poppy seed-crusted crab cakes, with bacon strips fighting for space in between. The oozing eggs, the crisp-soft-chewy texture of the crab cakes and the smoky bacon all combine to give you a food high that is pretty much unmatched!

By now, Teddy was in food heaven, going by the complete silence and dreamy sighs emanating from across the table, broken occasionally by noisy slurps of his favourite fresh strawberry smoothie. It’s not his style to experiment –

‘First let’s see if they’ve got their basics right!’, he mumbles between gulps from his fast – disappearing second glass.

That settled, we both decide to seal our luxuriously long and heart-warming breakfast with a lip-smacking home-made  Butter Pecan ice-cream that’s just frozen goodness!

For the first time in a long time, I take in my surroundings and am pleased with the golden walls glowing as much as I am with all the good food – thank you Malini (Akerkar) and Sameep (Padora) for getting my mood just right! Thank you from the bottom of my… stomach!

Plate-licker’s Wisdom : Go when you are good and hungry, and linger over a lazy breakfast.

Located at: Fatima Villa, 29th Rd, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai. Tel: 26438100