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Today, after many years of baking, brewing, frying, stewing and labouring through heaven knows how many recipes, AND IMMERSING MYSELF IN tasting, savoring, slurping, devouring and licking-off food that HAS INEXPLICABLY FOUND ITS WAY INTO MY STOMACH through meals, brunches, snacks, desserts, tidbits, leftovers and niggling in-betweeners…

I have realized a few simple foodie truths for myself, which I want to share with all of you…

First, that a foodie’s journey is never over, not even in your foodie dreams! It’s an endless journey of the mind, the heart and the taste buds, 3 buddies on a quest together for that one sublime taste that simply makes you close your eyes in appreciation, and humility. And the best part is, when you find it, it doesn’t stop there! A new taste, a new flavor, a new aroma beckons you, (much like the ghee on the tawa, but hopefully with much happier consequences!), and off you go on your next quest, your next adventure.

Second, ‘sharing’ is probably the most overused and underrated word ever.  Sharing your water with a fellow-traveller on a bus, or a wine-n- cheese table with 30 perfect strangers at a vineyard in Europe, or an elaborate 12-course menu with hundreds of glittering guests at a big fat Indian wedding, or simply a home-cooked family lunch on a warm Sunday… each experience gives you a special moment to cherish, and a good reason to smile. I have my Teddy to share all my traveller-foodie experiences with. He impatiently sits through my raves and rants, crashes my food-highs, and smiles infuriatingly when we disagree on the merits of a dish. Don’t tell him, but he is STILL great to have around! (I have a sneaking suspicion that you will really like Teddy. Stay tuned to my posts, and let me know!)

And here’s the last one… whether it is a humble mashed potato or an elaborate Baked Alaska, whether you are forking through an exquisitely presented Lobster Thermidor at a fine dining restaurant or licking off your fingers after a marathon Pani Puri session at the street vendor, what you love is entirely your own experience. Don’t let anyone tell you what to like and what to hate, just go and find out for yourself. That way you get to have your own foodie adventures, your own hot-pot of experiences to peer into and occasionally stir. So, do take the trail of breadcrumbs in the forest, but Follow the Eaten Path that’s closest to your heart.

Coming up… foodie thoughts, dreams, stories, recipes, reviews, comments, commentaries and fooooodles more 🙂